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Starting your fitness journey is one of the most difficult things that you will ever do.
You REALLY want to get Fit and Healthy but...

  • You just can't find the motivation to get started
  • Your nervous about stepping foot inside a gym
  • Your worried you don't know what to do when you get there
  • You find it impossible to stick to things

This is where we can help...

Join us today for our 7 Day Trial and we will show you exactly what you need to do to get started on your journey.

All you need to do is click on the link below and enter your details.

Serena will then give you a call to get booked in for your first visit.

Your First Visit...

On your first visit this is exactly what will happen:

  • You will be greeted at the door by Serena or Kenya.
  • They will sit you down and have a quick chat with you about what you are looking to achieve.
  • They will then show you around the gym and show you how to use all of the equipment.
  • After seeing you complete a few easy exercises (that anybody can do) they will tell you exactly what your next steps should be and give you an individualised plan.

You will then have 7 Days FREE Gym Access to continue on with your plan that we will provide

You can use all of the equipment, train any time you like, attend our classes and ask your Trainer any questions you want.

If you enjoy your 7 Day Trial and want to become a full member - that is brilliant - we will give you lots more cool stuff and continue to help you on your journey.

If you didn't enjoy your 7 Day Trial then at least you have your plan all mapped out for you so that you can feel more confident about going to another gym and achieving your goals there.

You literally have NOTHING TO LOSE

Does That Sound Like Exactly What You Need
To Get You Started?

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